Help desk Ticketing Software and Live Chat Integration

Help desk ticketing software is an excellent tool that offers your business and your staff better ways to keep the customers’ happiness a main priority. While the software obviously makes a big difference many of today’s small to medium business owners aren’t quite sure about adding in live chat features. There are many questions that go along with adding chat features. Fortunately, there are also a lot of answers.

One of the big concerns with adding chat to help desk ticketing software is knowing that you can count on your staff to handle themselves professionally and be able to work with people over a live chat. Special training may or may not be necessary, depending on your staff and their overall level of people skills. Transitioning from trouble tickets or phone calls to chat can be a little odd to some employees at first. But over time the ease and convenience of dealing in chat will often show the resistant employees a whole new world of customer service.

Chat features provide your staff with the latest in customer support. It allows them to answer questions directly without extraneous effort. Customers love it because they can ask their question while they are online, receive an immediate answer, and have the ability to multitask at the same time. Customers also love the idea of no longer needing a phone number but simply clicking a button and awaiting customer support to respond. It’s just easier.

It is recommended that you develop or apply a grading system for your employees when you integrate chat with your helpdesk ticketing software. This grading system will allow your employees to develop the skills that they need and can limit the number of chat windows that any given employee can have open at once. Toggling from chat window to chat window does allow your team to help several customers at once. That said, it is also much easier to make a mistake, send the wrong response in the wrong window, and to forget about a customer hanging out in an open chat window waiting for a response for the last half an hour.

A grading system will provide your team with protocol for answering chat questions, confirm polite and courteous behavior within each chat, and determine how many windows can be handled by that team member. A grading system encourages your team members to strive for new goals and new grades. This helps them become more competent at their job while becoming more in tune with what is expected of them while they are in a chat window.

The addition of a live chat feature to your help desk ticketing software can enhance your team’s ability to maintain a higher level of positive consumer relationships. It can allow for multiple customers to receive help at the same time. It can also expedite the process of filing a help ticket. Its addition is most definitely worth a few small growing pains as you acclimate your team to the process of helping people through a live chat window.